Une succulente toast dorée!

Aujourd'hui, I simply wanted to share with you some simple process I go through when creating some of my illustration. 

Final illustration.

This personal project started as a very simple illustration created directly in Adobe Illustrator. The inspiration came from an image included in an email I received today. I found the colour palette interesting. 

Nuppu (2017) © Katri Kapanen & Anna Pirkola

Nuppu (2017) © Katri Kapanen & Anna Pirkola

Keeping some of the elements from the photograph, I created the vector illustration below. 

Vector illustration created in Adobe Illustrator

Finally, I brought this to my iPad and using Procreate, I added all the desired textures!

Crestwood, now and then

It always feels good to complete a project because it means that there is now more room for a new one! With every project comes a load of new learning experience and for this illustration, I was excited to give my new iPad Pen a try. 

Additionally, it was recommended for me to try out the digital painting app Procreate, which demonstrates lots of great functionalities. Since both tools were fairly new, I didn't feel confident enough to work solely on my iPad for this commissioned piece but I have decided to try those tools out and sketch with them.

As you can see in the video below, I first sketched my illustration on paper, digitalized it and then I traced over darker lines within the app to clean the sketch up before I could send it to the client. 

From there, I brought this sketch in Photoshop and completed the illustration with my Wacom tablet, which I felt more comfortable with.

Digital sketch created with the app Procreate

Digital sketch created with the app Procreate

Discovering new things is always very exciting and I am looking forward to the next illustrative project!

Avenue Edmonton, December 2016 - Illustration: Valéry Goulet -  Art direction:  Pete Nguyen

Avenue Edmonton, December 2016 - Illustration: Valéry Goulet -  Art direction: Pete Nguyen

In closing, I would like to invite you to grab a copy of the next issue of Avenue Edmonton Magazine to read the story this illustration accompanies 'Crestwood, now and then' written by the talented Lauralyn Chow.