Fluid classrooms: The importance of flexible learning spaces


Digital illustration series created for the University of Calgary, to accompany an online article about how our environment has a profound influence on human performance at school, work, or play.

It was a pleasure to be able to work with the Director Vishu Mahajan and bring her ideas to life.

You can visit the University of Calgary website and read the full article here.



'I had the pleasure of working with Valéry on a series of editorial images that were used online. I found her process to be thorough and thoughtful. It was a very collaborative process where we shared ideas on how best to represent the concepts conveyed in the story. I appreciated her enthusiasm and dedication to nailing down the concepts, composition and colour before moving onto the final illustrations. Throughout the process, Valéry was professional and responsive to the adjustments needed and was able to work within our demanding timelines to complete the project. The result of the collaboration was a series of stunning and visually engaging illustrations that captured the themes within the story. I would definitely work with Valéry again.'

- Vishu Mahajan